The journey is the reward

Rachel McIntosh, one of our Ambassadors, has written the following blog. Her insight is refreshing. You can follow her journey to the Olympics on her website, Facebook rachaeldawnmcintosh or Twitter @air_canada1. I’ve had an aha moment this year. I’ve realized the beauty and importance in trusting that the journey is the reward. There is no medal, destination, diploma or amount of money that is more valuable than the path you take to get it. Life is not a journey we travel just to arrive at the end and cross the finish line, so why do we treat many of...

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Simple is Good

Following the theme of our last post, we wanted to blog about keeping life simple. Keeping it simple is one of the foundations of our philosophy at Elevate Me. Our bars and products are made with simple ingredients. You know exactly what you are getting when you buy our products. We like to keep our life simple as well because we like the uncomplicated life. It’s more enjoyable. Here are some idle thoughts on how to do it: Be productive, not busy. Just because you look busy, doesn’t mean you are getting things done. Get the right things done. Only...

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How to Have a Great Day…. Even though it’s Christmas time

Christmas is coming. For those who celebrate Christmas it can often be like what Charles Dickens wrote in the first line of A Tale of Two Cities:  “It is the best of times, it is the worst of times….”. Christmas can be stressful - really stressful - especially for Moms (okay, and for many Dads too). It’s great when families can get together to celebrate, but the days leading up to Christmas can be crazy.  Finding gifts, wrapping presents, decorating the house, planning the Christmas dinner – can all take its toll. You can insert any holiday season here: Hanukkah,...

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Pumpkins, Natures Multi-Vitamin

Halloween is the one day of the year when it’s acceptable to eat unhealthy stuff. Okay, Valentine’s day as well. And Easter. Oh, and Christmas and your birthday. I’m sure there are other days where you can justify it as well. Image courtesy of Apolonia at But the great thing about Halloween is that there is an antidote for all the junk food. And it’s sitting right outside your front door. It’s the pumpkin. Instead of throwing out the pumpkin, consider drying out the seeds or making something with it. Because that jack o’ lantern has some great things...

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Vitamin D in the Rain

With the winter months fast approaching, we thought we’d do some research on what the reduced sunlight can do to us. Now, we live in Vancouver, BC and between November and March we don’t see the sun very much. We see rain. Lots of rain. We’re not complaining - at least not too much – given the alternative of below zero temperatures and heavy snowfall that parts of Canada and the US “enjoy” (sarcasm intended!). But regardless of where we live, winter months mean less sunlight and less sunlight means we get less vitamin D. Image courtesy of digitalart at...

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Why are you moving so fast?

In todays world of automated convenience, we often havebecome so efficient at "life" that we can't distinguish the days from one another. We eat fast, we work fast, and we sleep fast. Everywhere we look there is somebody sellinga new way do do something faster or more efficiently. We read books with titles like "The 4 Minute Body" and "Work Faster with Less" in an attempt to speed up our daily tasks and presumably make more time for enjoying life. But even when we get the chance to do that, when we get the chance to spend time with our...

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Much Ado About Wheat

A new study published recently has come up with some very interesting findings that may add some legitimacy to the gluten-free lifestyle. The aim of the study, which was conducted to the scientific "gold standard”;double-blind and placebo-controlled, was to investigate the relationship between wheat how it's effects differ in patients with Celiac-disease(CD) and non-Celiac patients. Until recently, the notion of someone without CD having a wheat sensitivity(WS) was dismissed as just an abstract idea. However with more people eliminating wheat from their diets now than ever before, the question has been raised whether or not to avoid wheat for optimal health. During...

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2012 PCT Hike

Kurt Ellingson 12:00 AM

Three Rules for Maintaining Energy Throughout the Day

Feeling sluggish? Follow these three rules for maintaining energy throughout the day: (ARA) Whether you're a busy parent, a career go-getter or both, modern life has never been more hectic. Busy days can leave even the most energetic people tired and drained. If you want to live a more healthful, energized life, some simple choices can help you make each day dramatically different. For more info, tips and trends on back to school, healthy snacks, the San Francisco marathon and our community partners please subscribe to our newsletter!

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Tips to Enjoy Your Most Nutritious & Delicious Summer Vacation

On the road: Tips to enjoy your most nutritious - and delicious - summer vacation ...While grabbing your friends or family and heading out for time away may be great for enjoying all that summer has to offer, it's usually never good for the waistline. Busy travelers often opt for convenience over nutrition, filling up on high-calorie foods that have little to no nutritional value. But with a little pre-planning, you can choose to avoid the food option pitfalls that frustrate even the savviest travelers... Read great articles, tips and trends on everything from health and wellness, nutrition and our team ambassadors… subscribe...

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