How To Become A Butterfly

Here is some wonderful advice from one of our Ambassadors, world class weightlifter Shellen Thomas. A few weeks ago, another weightlifting athlete and I were having tea and discussing an epiphany I had about training and life.  I was asking if a caterpillar felt anything when it changed into a butterfly.  Why?  Humans are aware.  All. The. Time.  Change is hard.  And going through the change can sometimes be even harder. Whether it is a new job, a move to another city, or taking up a sport, it is all something that we are keenly aware of.  The process of...

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Simple is Good

Following the theme of our last post, we wanted to blog about keeping life simple. Keeping it simple is one of the foundations of our philosophy at Elevate Me. Our bars and products are made with simple ingredients. You know exactly what you are getting when you buy our products. We like to keep our life simple as well because we like the uncomplicated life. It’s more enjoyable. Here are some idle thoughts on how to do it: Be productive, not busy. Just because you look busy, doesn’t mean you are getting things done. Get the right things done. Only...

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2012 PCT Hike

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Three Rules for Maintaining Energy Throughout the Day

Feeling sluggish? Follow these three rules for maintaining energy throughout the day: (ARA) Whether you're a busy parent, a career go-getter or both, modern life has never been more hectic. Busy days can leave even the most energetic people tired and drained. If you want to live a more healthful, energized life, some simple choices can help you make each day dramatically different. For more info, tips and trends on back to school, healthy snacks, the San Francisco marathon and our community partners please subscribe to our newsletter!

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Tips to Enjoy Your Most Nutritious & Delicious Summer Vacation

On the road: Tips to enjoy your most nutritious - and delicious - summer vacation ...While grabbing your friends or family and heading out for time away may be great for enjoying all that summer has to offer, it's usually never good for the waistline. Busy travelers often opt for convenience over nutrition, filling up on high-calorie foods that have little to no nutritional value. But with a little pre-planning, you can choose to avoid the food option pitfalls that frustrate even the savviest travelers... Read great articles, tips and trends on everything from health and wellness, nutrition and our team ambassadors… subscribe...

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Effective Dry-Land Training Structure for Hockey Players

In celebration of our very own Vancouver Canucks and Stanley Cup PlayOffs, check out our newest Partnership with Crash Conditioning. A great article by Doug"Crash" Crashley, president of Crash Conditioning, a hockey performance center in Calgary, Alberta. Effective Dry-Land Training Structure for Hockey PlayersBy Doug "Crash" Crashley, President of Crash ConditioningFull Article in Stack Magazine When developing a dry-land training program, hockey players and their strength coaches need to consider many factors to ensure that it is effective and leads to athletic development. Some of the factors are obvious - e.g., age and development level. A veteran NHL player will...

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Season Highlights From Our Athlete Ambassador - Ariane Lavigne

Season Highlights From Our Athlete Ambassador – Ariane Lavigne Wow! Winter as been flying! Each year, I feel winter goes too fast... I guess it's because I'm having fun! Snowboarding is my biggest passion, and most of it comes from traveling and meeting great people with different culture, where we often travel to remote places locations sometimes do not always have the biggest mountains or the most popular resorts. Away from the tourist crowd; we get into the traditional vibe, meet locals, and ride on perfect snow all day long and when we have time, we go to hot spots...

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By Sarah Jamieson, Personal Coach, YT, FMS 2 Winter hibernation has finally come and gone, however, if you are one of the many who are still somewhat, sloth like…get over it and get out of the hacienda! As summer quickly approaches, parks and beaches will soon be in full swing. Why wait? Get out there and take advantage of the early bird summer season with 4 easy strategies to staying healthy and fit, post hibernation and pre summer bliss... Subscribe to our June Newsletter for more info...

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3 Ways to Train, Top Lessons Learned

Training Lessons from the pros! Alison Hooper shares with us her 3 lessons in training as a young athlete. Juggling, pro athleticism as a youth, school and making time for friends can be hard, but like all dedicated athletes, she has found a way to stay at the top of her game! The way I see it there are 3 ways to train. Alison Hooper- 3 Ways to Train, Top Lessons Learned #1 - train consistently and go hard as much as you can without dying#2 - train hard but not consistently#3 - don't train hard or consistently Over the past 3 years I...

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Elevated Banana Power Pie Gluten Free and Tasty

Elevated Banana Power Pie Gluten Free and Tasty Can dessert be GOOD for you? It is now! Thanks to Brenna Coupland, one of our resident athlete ambassadors; dessert can taste great, be healthy and come packed with protein and gluten free goodness! Check out her recipe for her Elevated Banana Power Pie using Elevate Me! All Original and Coconut Cocoa Cluster energy bars! Yummmy... Ingredients: Crust 6 ElevateMe bars at room temperature, assorted flavors (I used 3 All Original and 3 Coconut Cocoa Cluster) 2-5 tbsp warm water 1/3 cup chopped almonds, or other nut Filling 1 ElevateMe bar, at...

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