Much Ado About Wheat
  Kurt Ellingson 12:00 AM
A new study published recently has come up with some very interesting findings that may add some legitimacy to the gluten-free lifestyle. The aim of the study, which was conducted to the scientific "gold standard”;double-blind and placebo-controlled, was to investigate the relationship between wheat how it's effects differ in patients with Celiac-disease(CD) and non-Celiac patients. Until recently, the notion of someone without CD having a wheat sensitivity(WS) was dismissed as just an abstract idea. However with more people eliminating wheat from their diets now than ever before, the question has been raised whether or not to avoid wheat for optimal health.

During the study, it was found that some patients without CD reacted with remarkably similar inflammatory responses to wheat as a CD patient would. An interesting note in the study is that it appears there were two different classifications of reactions to wheat in the patients. During the research one groups physiological reaction to wheat was similar to a CD patients, and the other reacted to wheat more as if it were a food allergy. This study not only confirms that non-Celiac WS is, in fact, a legitimate condition, but also that there are two distinct populations in this realm.

This new research is a landmark study in the field of wheat research. While there are limitations to this study, a the very least it provides food for thought for people suffering from what they think is a food allergy or potentially CD. A lot more needs to be looked at in terms of WS research, but this study makes for a compelling start.

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