What are you doing for the 2010 Winter Olympics?
  Kurt Ellingson 12:00 AM
I remember the day I heard that Vancouver was going to be hosting the 2010 Olympics. It was way back in High School and I was still in my teens. I remember thinking how crazy it was going to be because I was going to be 25 years old when the Olympics came to town!!!!! That was so old, I thought. I have to look back and laugh because being 25 years old feels incredibly young. I wish I could remember what I had imagined myself doing at 25 back when I was only 16 yrs old.

People keep asking me what I am going to do during the Olympics. I honestly have not put too much thought into it. I had pondered the idea of Volunteering, and then at least I could see some of the games. But, that involved time off work and I didn't want to give that up. I fantasized about going away somewhere exotic and warm, but that also involved taking time off work. I concluded that I was just going to watch the Olympics live on my T.V with everyone else who could not afford to buy tickets!

I hiked up to Grouse Mountain this morning via the BCMC Trail. The BCMC parallels the grind and is approximately 10 minutes longer on average. I prefer this route because it doesn't feel like a stair master and is less crowded. However, at this time of year, neither trail is crowded. Once I got to the top, I ate my Elevate Me Energy Bar and boarded the gondola to get down the mountain. On the way down, the gondola conductor (as I named him) told us about the plans Grouse Mountain has for during the Olympics. He told us that Grouse Mountain will be open 24/7 for the entire duration of the Olympic Games!!!!! That's not all, NBC is going to be taping live from the top of the mountain (or the chalet area)

This means that you can literally ski everyday all day for 2 straight weeks! The gondola and restaurants will be open for 24 hours. You can snowshoe, hike, and even zip line at night. They have been planning this for 3 years and it sounds like it will be an amazing and entertaining adventure. I can't wait to be a part of it.

My couch and television may remain empty during the games as I plan on hiking up the mountain to listen (to NBC reporters) and watch the games live (on big screens). Come try something different this year and experience something you will never forget!

Nicola Gildersleeve

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