Season Highlights From Our Athlete Ambassador - Ariane Lavigne
  Kurt Ellingson 12:00 AM
Season Highlights From Our Athlete Ambassador – Ariane Lavigne

Wow! Winter as been flying!

Each year, I feel winter goes too fast... I guess it's because I'm having fun!

Snowboarding is my biggest passion, and most of it comes from traveling and meeting great people with different culture, where we often travel to remote places locations sometimes do not always have the biggest mountains or the most popular resorts. Away from the tourist crowd; we get into the traditional vibe, meet locals, and ride on perfect snow all day long and when we have time, we go to hot spots or the beaches... what a privileged lifestyle I've got!

My top spot of the year? I would say Italy for the culture, food and good people in the small towns, close second, New Zealand for the spectacular views and proximity to the ocean, and coming in a close third, Barcelona for the city action and Spanish/Latin vibe!

Train hard to play hard: Adrenaline!

Another aspect of competing I really like is the excitement and challenge of racing with people from all over the world. At every start, adrenaline is cranking! I get to learn a lot when training with the best riders on the planet. World Cup athletes are definitely inspiring and I find they motivate me to always push my limits to the maximum.

When I think of my season, I have great memories: Technically, mentally and physically.

I feel I'm improving and getting closer to the top 16 in World Cup (finals by elimination). I got 18th twice in the last races, which is really close to my goal. I also finished in top 30 for overall World Cup standing, and on the NorAm circuit, things as been going great: 6 podiums and...the overall 2011 NorAm champion title!

So what's my plan for next year?!

First, this summer I'll be training a lot in Montreal to start next season in top shape. I also have few projects in nutrition and working as a nutritionist at Nautilus Plus gyms. We also plan summer training camp on snow, probably Chile in august (I cross my finger because it's my favorite spot…snow conditions are AWSOME!).

And then World Cup circuit starts in October. I will focus more on world cup circuit, hopefully will do the whole tour (I missed 4 event last year). Top 16 and podiums are definitely the next step!

So far so good

I believe dreams can become true if we put positive energy into what we love. We just need inspiration, motivation, and faith in destiny.

Cheers to life! - Ariane Lavigne- Pro Snowboarder - Canadian National Team

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