ELEVATE ME! Teams up with Dunbar Cycles, Pro DC Team
  Kurt Ellingson 12:00 AM

ELEVATE ME! Teams up with Dunbar Cycles, Pro DC Team

In our newest endeavour to fuel the needs of many pro-athletes who indulge in "crush city particip-ACTION,” it was inevitable that two great companies would stumble upon each other to form a great partnership! Welcome aboard Dunbar Cycles, DC Team!

ELEVATE ME! is an advocate for anything that equates to getting dirty, work hard to play hard, thrill seeking adventure, crushing the competition and everything that gets your hind parts outside. We are proud to be fuelling the DC World Cup and Pro Mens Teams for through their competitive season.

Dunbar Cycles has the largest and most successful race team in Canada, more importantly they have a spankin' blog site via the DC web portal that each pro-rider contributes to! Hello! Mass information overload, keep it coming. Oh, and of course they sell bike, bike parts, bike materials… all that jazz! If you are need of a great piece of two wheel machinery and want constant tips from the pros – then Dunbar Cycles is the place you should be! Ollie, Endo, Ride it, Rock it – Crushin' it DC Style.

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