NEW – "Wheat Free World" – iphone App
  Kurt Ellingson 12:00 AM
Wheat-Free World is designed to provide valuable resources for people coping with celiac disease or gluten-sensitivities, and for people serving or working with friends, family or clients on a gluten-free diet. A brilliant use of tabs for anyone needing fast gluten free info, here's a sneak peek:
  • The introductory info tab gives a brief outline of celiac disease and its symptoms and then guides the user through the app, describing the information provided in each tab.
  • The recipe tab provides m
    any delicious, nutritious meal and snack options, beautifully photographed on with icons for ingredients and the step-by-step cooking process.
  • The medical tab, written by Michelle Lawton, Nurse Clinician, gives concise information about wheat and gluten-sensitivities including symptoms, commonality, diagnosis and screening.

Products are divided into two categories:Essentials For The Kitchen and Products We Promote. Essentials For The Kitchen lists everything one needs in their home or restaurant kitchen to serve a variety of delicious food that is gluten-free. Each tab is easily reached from the toolbar and the detailed photographs can be viewed in both portrait and landscape by turning the device horizontally.

The Wheat-Free World application is here to help educate and strengthen the health, happiness and well being of everyone who wants to live well without wheat. Get yours now through iTunes!

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