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  Kurt Ellingson 12:00 AM
Over the last couple weeks we have generated a great deal of buzz surrounding our SPARTAN CONTEST for the first ever Canadian Spartan Race; which will make its debut on May 14th in North Vancouver. Elevate Me is doing their part by Sponsoring the Spartan Race in Vancouver and will also be competing in this epic adventure!

Who is Spartan Enough?

LET THE GAMES BEGIN: Graham Snowden... Spartan Enough? we think so! Let's take an in-depth look a typical training day

  • 2km open water swim with the sharks
  • Sprint pyramids and 8x stair repeats vs the African cheetah
  • Casual summit of a local snow covered mountain
  • Peak Yoga, recover with Yoga on top of the peak
  • NBD - No Big Deal, that's all before breakfast

Graham comes packed with a long list of sports accomplishments under his armour, some of which include the Big Five Marathon in Africa, the Alcatraz Triathlon in June and Racing The Planet in Nepal - a 100 km - 250km self-supported footrace which takes place in remote locations around the world.

Crazy enough to be a Spartan - confirmed! Tattooed on his back (of his shirt)... "You're not that bad, I am just that awesome." - Just do it - NIKE!


Earl Ellingson - Big Dog at Elevate Me, devoted bar maker, master of hard knocks, marathoner, avid worker-outer of adventure and health promoter, husband and father to Spartan-in-training little one.

Sarah M. Jamieson - Marketing Maveness at Elevate Me, ultra runner, Coach and Yoga Zen Teacher, Parkour and Ninja-Superhero wannabe, engages in anything athletic with the chance to support a cause for the greater good of all humanity.

Kirsten Rusko - Dodgeball Extraordinaire, on the team "Not in the Face, We're Models" and an intense competitor of the "paper, rocks, scissors" Vancouver championships. Studying Medieval Literature at the University of Oxford makes her uniquely qualified for the Spartan Race. Avid trekker, health educator and do'er of all things epic and unorthodox!

Graham Snowden - Newest member of our Elevate Me! Athlete Ambassadors, "Racing for Lives" Athlete and Founder, triathlete, adventure seeker, runner of a muck and domination do gooder. Oh, and he's in real estate and marketing to boot.

HONORABLE MENTION: Thank you to Jared Pearson, of Innovative Fitness, West Vancouver for showcasing your SPARTAN TRAINING! The force is strong with this one!

Don't forget to swing by our booth for some pre race Spartan Fuel! Let the Primal Challenge begin...

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