The Last 10KM Walk in Her Shoes for Care Canada
  Kurt Ellingson 12:00 AM

By Sarah Jamieson, ACE, YT, FMS 2

The last 10km is a metaphor for life, a metaphor for stepping outside your own comfort zones and investing in the bigger picture. It's also a metaphor for success, a metaphor for the human spirit. On March 8th I endured to walk/run 100km, my first ever 1ookm event and it was one of great success! 4 months ago I set out with a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) to spearhead a campaign for CARE, one of the leading humanitarian organizations in Canada for the celebration of 100 years of International Women's Day.

Now, my last 10km was actually at the 64km - 74km mark, needless to say I didn't make the full 100km, but I did achieve what I set out to do – and that was to bring awareness to CARE Canada and their featured programs geared towards women's empowerment. Each step was a reminder of what women living in poverty must undergo every day for clean water, basic healthcare and basic life necessities for their families. This was the backbone of our cause.

"Education, local capacity building and sustained economic growth, are critical to fighting poverty in developing countries. Women and girls hold the key. Walk In Her Shoes has the potential to unlock the hope and optimism towards sustained economic opportunities. This March, as Canadians WE have the chance to bring to the forefront of our time, the direct impact we can make by investing in and empowering all girls to transform their world; by mobilizing them to engage in cultural exchange, gain a global perspective, and create and lead social change."

As a Movement and Performance Coach, Yoga Teacher and Elevate Me! eater, I understand the complexities an event of this magnitude calls for; the specific periodization and skill training involved, the hours of corrective strategy and re-patterning to ensure proper bio mechanics, and not mention the nutritional aspect of a 12 hour event, which Elevate Me! played a large role. Fast tracking my own training to only 7 weeks lead up time I feel I did my very best! Thankfully, the 10 years of marathon running and Yoga built a great foundation!

I am a proud athlete, calculating well over 750 km, 77,733,300 steps over the 7 week span.At the end of it all, we raised close to $5,000. We had over 45 people out along the Vancouver route, many students and community patrons! Walk In Her Shoes was a success globally, thousands of women walked 8,000 (6km) between March 2 - March 8th for CARE Canada.

This is a great example of ‘The Sports Philanthropy Movement'; where athletes and local companies within the health and wellness industry come together and use their skills for a global effort.

Sarah M. Jamieson
Athlete Ambassador & Marketing Team
Movement & Performance Coach and YogaFORM Teacher

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