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  Kurt Ellingson 12:00 AM
Spring Training All Year Round

As the weather gets warmer, people think about getting outside and becoming active again. Warm weather and longer days provide the natural motivation that many of us need, but it also can be challenging getting back into the swing of things if the weather has kept you from pursuing a consistent workout regimen. Arm chair exercises do not count as a plausible "getting fit" through Super bowl season and the lagging winter months. So as you plot out your plan to regain your form, but your new pair of trail runners or shine up our bike - think about mixing workouts into your routine that will help you remain active throughout the year so you can avoid the same difficult transition next year.By Sarah Jamieson, Personal Trainer, YT, FMS

Here are a few tips to follow as you construct an exercise plan that can be continued even after the good weather passes...subscribe here

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