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  Kurt Ellingson 12:00 AM
As we know January and February are dedicated to our Athlete Ambassadors sharing their New Year Resolutions, here is Brenna Coupland resident Vancouver Cyclist and Yoga Teacher, sharing her vision for 2011 through her ELEVATED experiences and global community support.

By Brenna Coupland

"If you chase two rabbits, you will catch neither" - Native American expression. As we transition into 2011, I sit down to realign myself in the direction of my most important intentions and goals. To avoid setting scattered and unrelated resolutions, I sit down to decide on one ‘rabbit' that I will go after in the new year.

To begin, I start by sketching out a picture of my larger vision. I create a visual depiction of the goal achieved and post it somewhere in my home so I will see it many times each day. I am confident that this habit of reminding myself of my vision daily is the secret to achieving my goals!

This year, my vision consists of a large map of Africa, decorated with a long dotted line that runs from the very South of Africa to its Northern tip in Morocco. In little stick-figure fashion, I have sketched two bicycles - one for me, and another for my friend Dave - in Cape Town, South Africa, with a little sign post reading "June 2011!" At the very top of the map sits two more stick figures on bicycles, next to another sign: "March 2012, alive and well!"

The most important part of my vision, however, lay right near the centre of the continent in Uganda. This is the site of an organization called The Shanti Uganda Society that I have been passionately serving for nearly a year. Last Autumn, Shanti Uganda opened a birth house and maternity centre, hired 6 local midwives and celebrated the birth of our first baby – a girl – this January! Also last month, our midwives expressed that transportation to the centre has been challenging, and will be more so for births that commence during the night. Being in the rural area of Nsaasi, transportation to the centre is scarce at night, and, as you can imagine, birthing mothers and babies won't wait for anyone!

As a solution, I'd like to get these midwives some bicycles! As an environmentally responsible and highly dependable mode of transportation, bicycles will help ensure the timely arrival of midwives to birthing mothers at our centre. This translates directly into promoting safer births and healthier babies! In my vision, I have sketched 10 bicycles (cost in Uganda ~ $800.00), and hope to raise this money by April. Please join my Facebook page here to find out how you can help.

This February, keep the momentum in your resolutions by creating a vision! Draw, paint, make a collage – use whatever you need to make your goals visual. Place your picture somewhere that you visit at least once per day, and remind yourself that it's yours.

Where's your rabbit going?

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