Alison Hooper – Canadian Junior Elite Triathlete
  Kurt Ellingson 12:00 AM

I have never really been one for new years "resolutions", simply because they are really hard to maintain for a long period of time. I like to call them adjusted lifestyle changes because that way I set little goals and changes that I will actually stick to!

The things that are on my list for the 2011 season:

  1. Time management between school and training (and life??). I have planned to just spend 5min at the beginning of the week to figure out when I am going to study in between my 14+ weekly workouts.
  2. Vitamins...taking them...on a regular basis! Vitamin D and Calcium/Magnesium for strong bones and a multi-vitamin for immunity and also iron to keep me energized
  3. more sleep, more stretching and more treatments (physio, massage and acupuncture). I had a rough battle with injuries for a lot of the 2010 season and I am doing my best to avoid them now. Another huge part of avoiding injury for whatever sport or activities you do is listening to your body. Am I really tired today? Is anything hurting? Should I being doing this much volume? Focusing on yourself and your body's needs are the most important despite what training partners are doing or what coaches are telling you to do.
  4. Be Happy. I am reminding myself that I lead a great life; I live in a great country surrounded by great people and have access to everything I need. Smile!


This past year of racing was very exciting. I traveled to Mexico twice for international races and going to places like that is always a challenge because of the heat and the access of clean food.

I recall finishing a whole box of ELEVATE ME! in one week the first time I was away. Traveling to different countries it is always a mystery of what will be there, what won't, if the race will be organized and what facilities will be accessible. I also went across to Eastern Canada for two races that were really great. I love racing within the country and getting to know the Canadian competition. This past summer I was lucky enough to be chosen for a racing camp that involved going to Europe for three weeks and racing every weekend. I had never been to Europe before and was super excited, but also nervous.

We stayed in a tiny town in France and would travel to different parts of Switzerland for racing. It was a great opportunity for travel and race experience. I was so out of my element and had no idea who I was racing! I finished off the season in Budapest, Hungary for the Junior World Championships. The course and the race were a little bit chaotic but provided yet another great experience.

In September I flew home from Hungary and started my first semester at University of Victoria and so far things are going great.

"We wish you all the best Alison and look forward to your updates on your next competition." - The ELEVATE ME! Team

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