My New Training Grounds
  Kurt Ellingson 12:00 AM
I've always had a sparking interest in martial arts. When my sister's fiancé lived in Vancouver, he practiced MMA training with a few friends of his and loved it. When I expressed interest, he gave me a little boxing 101, and actually gifted me my own set of ladies boxing gloves and wrist wraps. However, life happened, and those old boxing gloves served no other purpose than to collect dust in the back of my closet.

In fact, the only boxing they got to see was when they got tossed into the "To Donate" box when I was preparing to move. Little did I know that just a month later I would be sitting in the dojo of a new training centre hearing my instructor suggest we bring our own gloves and wraps in the following weeks. D'oh!

I recently joined the newly renovated Versus Training Centre in downtown Vancouver, located between Abbott and Cambie along West Hastings Street. My decision was the result of a too-good-to-be-true GroupOn offer for one month of unlimited classes, including Total Strength, Agility and Core, Circuits, and Kickboxing. Enthusiastically, I showed up on my first day to an agility and core class, and, for lack of a better expression, got my butt seriously kicked. Although I could barely move the next morning, I managed to peel myself out of bed again for the following day's total strength class. I was hooked.

The teachers I've had so far are great; they are non- intimidating, have great instruction, and are helpful for all levels of students. Because they cap their classes at around 15 students, the teacher is always able to make sure all students have proper form and are benefitting from the exercise. In fact, one teacher was so on the ball that he saw right through my false-struggling bench press . "Hmmm, that weight looks a little easy for you!" Even some of the students are helpful. When partnered up in a strength circuit, in the midst of shaking through what was probably my 44th push up of the morning, my partner coached me (in the midst of his own plank, mind you), "Come on! Pick up your knees – just for the last 10 seconds!"

All and all, I'm totally impressed with this new gym, and am looking forward to sharing my experiences and growth with you as I continue my training. Yesterday, I brought in a variety box of ElevateMe Bars, along with a handy order form for the manager and staff to check out. I'm hoping they will love them as much as I do, perhaps as a nice ‘break' from all the protein bars and supplements loaded with unpronounceable ingredients that dominate the market, and add them to their snack bar.

For now, I'll keep my own stash handy in my back pack. Stay Elevated!

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