On the Move
  Kurt Ellingson 12:00 AM
I've finally gotten a chance to sit down and get back to my writing. Since returning from my bike trip through Canada, I've been ‘on the move' and relocating into a new place in Vancouver. Okay. I wish that were true. I've actually been relocating to several new places within Vancouver!By November, I plan to be settled down into a permanent place of my own, and meanwhile I enjoy the life of a city-gypsy.

This month, I've been up and down, and through and though this city more than ever - it's almost like my bike trip never ended! Vancouver itself is actually quite a decent training ground for anyone on a bike looking to train their bodies for cycle touring. If you can get out and ride early in the morning and avoid downtown (and hence, all the stop lights and pedestrian crossings), you can pick up a modest speed and encounter some challenging hills. Need more of a challenge? Use your bicycle to help a friend move from one end of the city to the other! Even with fully-loaded panniers and a laundry basket tied to the end of your bike, in Vancouver, no one will bat an eye (and your quads will thank you)!

On a nutritional note, moving from one place to the next can create a fertile environment for slipping into poor eating habits. If the move involves several "temporary" places, it's hard to stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables if you will only have to pack any leftovers to bring to your next location. This past month, I've found ElevateMe Bars (especially the new apple pie ones!) to be extraordinarily invaluable for keeping my protein and nutritional profile on par. I'm also keeping an eye out for fresh and cheap eats within the city for when I'm on the go during meal times. Here are a few of my recommendations:

1) Broadway Sushi (Broadway and Stephens): Fresh, light and affordable. I stopped by for a light dinner before a yoga class and ordered a "Kid's Combo” for $5. This included green tea, miso soup, a small plate of vegetable sushi rolls and 2 rice-filled tofu pouches. The combination of quick and easily digestible carbs (okay, maybe white rice isn't the best) and vegetable proteins are the perfect fuel for biking and yoga. I was also impressed because it is rare for me to find a restaurant that allows adults to order kids items, and really appreciate the option! Who knows, maybe with my helmet hair I look 12? Either way, this is a great place for eats!

2) Whole Foods Market (Downtown Robson, Cambie/8th, West 4th/Vine): At first glance, their menu may seem expensive, and it's easy to get carried away at their incredible salad bar. However, if you poke around a bit you will find some delicious and affordable options here. Often their deli will have a special on one of their prepared foods items, and they have recently come out with an ongoing 2-for-$5 promotion for some of their pre-packaged foods (like salads, pakoras, etc) in their refrigerated section. My must-have item is their wheat free, omega-full kamut and spelt bread for only $0.39. Seriously. Oh yes, and if you still need that dessert but don't want to splurge, they always seem to have samples going on in the bakery! Don't tell them I sent you - I think they're onto me!

3) Greens and Gourmet Vegetarian Buffet (Broadway and Trafalgar): Beware - another delicious, all-vegetarian salad bar! For a quick bite, try one of their baked samosas or a "healthy" piece of raw food pie. My favorite (when I just need a nibble to tide me over until meal time) is their sprouted grain bread. You will find this on the cold salad bar, and $0.62, you will be enjoying a filling, moist, and delicious pod of energy and protein. The staff here is incredibly welcoming - definitely a must-go for the Kitsilano dweller.

So cheers to good eats, warm places to sleep, and the opportunity to live in this beautiful city!

Stay elevated,


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