With all the right information out there, why is obesity still on the rise?
  Kurt Ellingson 12:00 AM
Over the years I have heard a lot of reasons as to why people are overweight and as a Personal Trainer, I have heard every excuse in the book. I don't disregard the fact that genetics has something to do with why certain people gain weight easier than others or why some people have a harder time losing weight, it's true. More often that not however, those same people grew up in unhealthy households. Perhaps even, their weight issues are a cause of bad choices their parents made during the child's developmental years.

Let's consider an article I read by Graham Fishburne (2006). He states that the sensitive time for developing fat cells is right before puberty. The time right before puberty is when most of the child's food choices are made by their parents. Lastly, children often do not grow to their full potential unless they get the nutrients they require during the developmental years.

Just as important as proper nutrition, is the importance of daily exercise. Exercise is good for all sorts of reasons; one's I am sure you have never even considered. Yes, it allows us to maintain a healthy weight but it also has a lot more benefits. As children, they need exercise to develop strong healthy bones. As adults, we need exercise to ensure we don't get osteoporosis and/or muscle wasting.

I really think it is essential to educate yourself and your family on the benefits of healthy living. The choices we make when we're young can affect us for the rest of our lives.

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Here is a link to Health Canada's website here you can find all the information you need on proper amounts of exercise and nutrition.

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