"ELEVATE ME!" Energy Bars Expands with Strawberry Apple Pie
  Kurt Ellingson 12:00 AM
Vancouver's own "ELEVATE ME! Energy bars" ( has grown again, moving into a much larger production/office facility in North Vancouver, BC.

President Trish Ellingson explains, "We started this business in our tiny apartment, then moved to a night-kitchen and then to our own facility, which was great. But recently we were bursting at the seams again, so much so that we had to lease an extra property for our offices. So we finally bit the bullet and moved to a brand new space in a beautiful new building."

Strawberry Apple Pie energy Bar

In addition the company is hiring new staff, purchasing new equipment and launching a brand new flavor: "Strawberry Apple Pie", made simply with strawberries, apples, cranberries, raisins, dates, almonds and pure whey protein isolate. Chief Bar Maker Kurt Ellingson says, "This was a recipe we worked on for a long time, and we finally got it right. As soon as we tasted the mix of strawberries with the protein and apples we knew we had a winner."

As a launch special, founders Trish and Earl are offering a free a box of "Strawberry Apple Pie" bars to the first 3 people who email with the answer to this question: "how many grams of fibre and protein are in the new bar?"

Founded in 2003, ELEVATE ME! has grown from a mom and pop operation into a successful growth company, selling several million bars in the process to health and grocery stores throughout Canada and into the United States. ELEVATE ME! Bars are popular because they are made simply with real fruit and pure whey protein. They are gluten-free, not baked, not coated.

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