A Few of my Favorite Things
  Kurt Ellingson 12:00 AM
On active days, I need to pay more attention to the kinds of foods I put into my body. Am I eating enough? What kinds of nutrients do I need after a training ride? What will provide sustainable energy without making me feel like I've just eaten a brick? Here is a list of a few of my favourite things to eat on training days….

1) Whole Foods Market bulk bins - Deciding what to get can be challenging, given the overwhelming variety of trail mixes, nuts and dried fruits available at Whole Foods. You can innie-minnie-miney-mo, of course, since you are bound to pick something delicious, but my favourite is a toss-up between Energy Nuggets, soy nuts, and any of their bulk granola. I try to remember to bring my reusable snack mix bag so I don't have to use a new plastic one. You can buy these too at Whole Foods!

2) ElevateMe! Matcha Green Tea with Cranberries bar - Green tea, cranberries, ElevateMe… need I say more? This is by far my favourite energy bar flavor from ElevateMe. I like that it's already divided in to three pieces, so I can break off a square and go if I need a quick burst of energy. Sometimes I'll break off a square or two to have as dessert after a post-training dinner.

3) Emergen-C Immune Defence 1000mg vitamin C pack - There's something really satisfying about drinking vitamin water. As I drink one, I can imagine all of the vitamins permeating right into my body to provide immediate energy and enthusiasm. Emergen-C packs provide the same satisfaction, but without any weird additives or artificial sweeteners. I can boost my immune system (which is always a concern of mine) with this formula that includes 1000mg vitamin C, enhanced zinc, vitamins A and D, and extracts from hibiscus and elderberry. Better yet, I can skip the plastic bottle and save money with this alternative to vitamin water!

4) Buttercup Squash, aka Kabocha Squash - Because it's pretty heavy, I usually have this for breakfast a few hours before I begin my day. It is rich, sweet, filling and provides healthy carbohydrates for sustainable energy. I keep it pretty simple: steam or bake for approximately 10-20 minutes, or until soft, and serve with salt and pepper. ¾ cup of this cooked delight is provides 30 calories, 70% of your vitamin A and 7 carbohydrates. Save the seeds to toast as a snack for later!

5) Apples and Bananas - Both are simple and easy to eat (sometimes I eat em as I ride!). Apples have an uncountable number of health benefits (check out, and since they are mainly carbohydrates and water they make for a perfectly balanced energy snack. Bananas are rich in potassium, and as we all know, after a good sweaty workout, it is important to replenish the various electrolytes of the body, one of which is potassium. Bananas are super easy to carry in a backpack without worrying about a mess (just don't put it at the bottom!) and, like most fruits, are easily digestible so you can eat them before or during a training session. Try tossing a peeled banana in the freezer for an ice-cream-like treat on hot summer days!

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