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  Kurt Ellingson 12:00 AM
I am currently on my way to Monterrey Mexico for my first race of the season. Leading up to a race nutrition is extremely important and it is an even bigger deal because I am way in a country that does not have my "routine" dietary foods. Also, the water and some foods are unreliable and getting sick before the race is not an option.

I have learned with my travel experience that you need to bring some necessary foods with you to guarantee proper health and energy. I have brought more food on this trip than I did when I travelled to Australia or even across Canada because it's a real unknown of what I can or can't get down in Mexico. In my "lunch bag" is:
-almond butter (most likely will not find that down there)
-my favorite trail mix (vitality mix with lots of dried fruit)
-Nature's Path Flax oatmeal (pre-race meal)
-dark chocolate
-dark chocolate covered espresso beans
-a million elevate me bars (perfect meal, snack or dessert!)

Even if you're not traveling to go to a competition nobody wants to get sick and there is a fine line of enjoying the countries culture and foods but also staying healthy and happy.

Now that I have a great food with me to race hard and well it's about getting excited and in the right mind set. It has been awhile since my last race (September- worlds) so I really have to get in the "zone" again. However at the same time I need to stay relaxed and under control. My trick to all this is keeping it light-hearted and chill until race day. The things I do to keep me relaxed are:
-read a really girly magazine that involves no brain power
-spend time on my computer
-hang out with teammates that do not stress me out (usually the boys because I don't race against them)

Come race day I get a little more intense/focused because I need to get myself pumped up! However, even on race day it is important to remember that what I am doing is for fun and my life won't be over if things do not go according to plan.

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