Resolutions... Really?
  Kurt Ellingson 12:00 AM

So this time of year many people are trying to follow new "fads” to quickly reach their new-year resolutions. I find with resolutions you have to be very careful because many people do crazy diets or workout regimens that are so out of the ordinary. If your new workout plan is so far from your regular schedule it makes in close to impossible to stick with it because life will get in the way!

What works best for me is changing the little things in my daily routine to reach my ultimate goal. If you want to lose weight try not to have ice cream in your freezer all the time or make sure that you eat small portions every two hours- none of this crazy dieting! This year I really want to become more flexible. It will help me with racing and training and be another defence against injuries! What I have planned is to go to workouts 10 minutes early 3 times a week to get in a little extra stretching. I am also looking into another yoga class that is scheduled on my day off so no conflicts will happen. The more conflicts this resolution causes within your life means the harder it will be to accomplish.
Baby steps in changing over time will work better than huge change all at once. Plus your body or lifestyle won't have to go on a roller-coaster ride some resolutions can send you on!

So one thing I love doing is having smoothies after my workouts. My favourite is banana, 1/3cup milk, chocolate protein powder (I use Genisoy) and 1 and 1/2 tablespoons almond butter. Or if you're not a chocolate person- vanilla powder and then instead of almond butter add different types of berries and orange juice. This seems to gets me through the morning and provides me with the protein and fruit I need for my routine.

I have also come across these new microwave egg cookers- you can find them as freebies at most Running Rooms. It is really simple and takes about a minute to cook an egg! Tastes great and is perfect for a good addition of protein to your breakfast even if your in a hurry like myself.

Here is a link about the egg cookers-

To sum up this post: SIMPLE=ACHIEVE.

Alison Hooper – Canadian Junior Elite Triathlete

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