Elevate Me Hits the VIP swag bag at the Whistler Film Fest!
  Kurt Ellingson 12:00 AM
North Vancouver's own protein bar Elevate Me! was invited to participate in this year's gift lounge at the Whistler Film Fest Dec 3rd to 6th. With all eyes on Whistler, this event should prove to be exciting exposure for Vancouver's own protein bar.

"Elevate Me! will be such a good fit at this event! Perfect crowd, perfect venue," commented CEO of The Uptown GiftBox Company and producer of the VIP Lounge, Gabrielle Durning.

Company owners' Trish and Earl Ellingson, who have been making Elevate Me! bars since 2003, are very excited to be selected to participate in this event. "We love our bars and we love our customers who love our bars," say the Ellingsons. "So anytime we can get more people to try Elevate Me, the better!"

With the Olympics coming to our proud city, people will be heading up to Whistler. This is the perfect bar to take up the hill or to have handy at 3 p.m. It's pre-portioned into 3 easy to eat pieces and doesn't melt or isn't coated with chocolate. "The world simplest protein and fruit energy bar"

Elevate Me! bars are gluten free whey protein bars that are made with all natural ingredients. Trish and Earl grew this family business out of a vision and mom's recipe and have turned it into one of Vancouver's most successful small businesses. Check out their website for updates, contests and athlete sponsorship opportunities.

If you would like more information on this topic or to schedule an interview with Trish and Earl Ellingson please contact Coreylee Essig at 604-980-6160.

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