Canadian Junior Elite Triathlete
  Kurt Ellingson 12:00 AM
Hi, this is Alison and I am a Canadian Junior Elite Triathlete. I've been training for many years and often find good quality snacks hard to come by. When I was first introduced to Elevate Me back in early last year through one of my dad's business partners I was excited and relieved because I finally found a bar that used whole foods and actually tasted good!

So what do I do? I swim, I bike and I run. However I also go to school, do yoga, lift weights, follow a proper nutritional diet and somehow manage to fit in time for fun and friends. Not saying that training isn't fun, it is very fun and fun is partially what motivates me to train over 24 hours a week. This is just a quick summary of my life and it may sound crazy but with the right planning and drive anything is possible. How do I know this? Well because in one short year of training for the sport of triathlon I've gone from being a total Rookie to Junior National Champion to Canada Games Champion to 6th at Junior World Championships. A lot of hard and painful work was required but just putting in the hours doesn't cut it. Believing in yourself and in what you're trying to accomplish is key to any success. I have to admit I never believed I could even qualify for World Championships let alone place top 6. However, I did believe in myself, hard training and busy lifestyle regimen …and look what happened.

Starting the sport of Junior Triathlon racing at a later age than most (16, now 17) I had to motivate myself not to get discouraged by the fact that younger more experience athletes were ahead of me in many areas. I focused on my individual goals, such as learning how to properly corner while cycling. The simplest of things were what I struggled with the most. I just wanted to be out working hard on my bike with my teammates. But along with motivation you really need a lot of patience, which to tell you the truth I lack! My coach pushed me at my own pace and eventually I was out working hard on my bike with the other girls and I was even keeping up with them. The rest is history.

So I guess if I could sum up this post I would say the motivation of just doing my best is what pushed me through countless obstacles on my way to success.
My next race is in Mexico to qualify for Junior Olympics in Singapore, however this race isn't until April and I am kind of in off season at the moment. I'm in the middle of working on my goals of reaching ultimately reaching the podium in the 2010 Junior Worlds in Hungary. I look forward to keeping you all up to date on my goals, and training and stories from the road. Training is something I've come to love and hope you too find the sport that drives your passion.

Until next time,
Alison Hooper
Junior Elite Triathlete

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