ElevateME Energy Bars – Economics
  Kurt Ellingson 12:00 AM

Summer's about here now and the protein bar industry keeps keeping on. This recession hasn't affected our energy bar per se, foods are pretty protected from the dips and valleys of economics I guess.

We've heard that organics are hurt somewhat as the price is higher and I can believe that. Our unique flavors like the goji berry, acai, matcha and blueberry keep our awesome clients interested. I think its because we're gluten free and the only simple whey protein bar in the whole wide world too that helps.

In fact, we're trying to hire our first real bona fide "white collar” employee to push our marketing and sales growth. So if you know anyone with, say, great contacts at Whole Foods USA then send them to me. Of course they should have an MBA and years of experience in the health food industry too. And they have to be super fit and filled with pure energy! And of course we want them to live in Vancouver or move up here too. We're upgrading our offices and production area to make the bars as we're bursting at the seams where we are. Calling all experts with nutrition, breakfast and granola bars. We want to hear from you. Once we solidify that stuff and our bigger plant then its time for new flavors and products that will be excellent in quality and nutrition and real whole fruits and nuts and seeds and protein of course.

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