ElevateMe! Natural Protein Bars - The Story Continued
  Kurt Ellingson 12:00 AM

So we got out the food processor and started working off mom's recipe of whey protein isolate mixed with almonds and various whole dried fruits. We found an old guy with a packaging machine who worked on a per bar basis and we used an inkjet printer to make labels.

We didn't want to be just another bar so we chopped each one into 3 bite size chunks. We'd make a batch, drive them in our 1979 Toyota Corona to the wrong side of town to package, then cold-call the stores.

After a few months we had like 20 stores and we were ready to rock so we got a business plan together, borrowed some cash from the bank and once that check cleared we promptly quit our corporate jobs to focus on the biz.

So we basically had enough money to last 6 months. That's pressure but it worked and we had almost 100 stores by mid 2003 and it slowly grew and evolved from there: Apartment to nightly rental of catering kitchen to tiny garage factory to 1 employee to 2 employees to 5 employees to second leased space to 10 employees and now we make about a million Elevate Me's a year in 7 flavors.

Are we rich? No.

Do we work our own hours? No. We work whenever the company needs us to get something done. Such as now, it's 9pm on a Thursday and I'm sitting on the patio typing under the moon.

Is it worth it? Hell yes, so far so good.

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