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  Kurt Ellingson 12:00 AM

I'm Earl the co-owner and co-founder with my wife Trish who wants nothing to do with writing about herself, so you're stuck with me.

Since this is blog 1 I guess I'll talk about the genesis of our little protein/energy bar project. We started this little company as all good little companies start, either in someone's parent's garage, basement or studio apartment. Since we moved around back in the early 2000's all of those apply. As college students we were living off student loans and my mom would occasionally fire us some of her little creations, called Power Balls (disclaimer: nothing to do with Powerbar). They were ugly little things wrapped in saran wrap but did they ever fill the gut in a hurry and keep the flow going for dubious studying, so we inhaled them.

Fast forward to 2002 through school, a couple corporate gigs in the real 9-5 world and we sit down for a heart to heart about what the hell we're really going to do to make a living. Our memories tweak back to those powerballs and we start thinking of health foods as a career: They are nutritious, portable and travel well, how can it lose?

And wouldn't it be fun to own our own company, be our own bosses and work only when we feel like it? Yeah!

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