A Reminder to Myself, Mostly.
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Here's a blog from one of our Ambassadors, Paula Findlay. Paula is a world class triathlete who has had to overcome some serious injuries to stay at the top. What she writes doesn't apply to just athletics......

I was out for dinner with my friends when the Auckland WTS race was going on. Refreshing my twitter feed every 1.5 seconds, checking the live results, nervous, anxious, palms sweating, and ultimately being a really bad dinner guest.

When the race was over, I was overwhelmingly envious. Longing for the times when I was in the mix and so jealous of everyone who had raced well. One of my friends (in the picture above), a medical student who is familiar with a competitive environment of high achievers, sensed my jealousy and told me something VERY important.

You have to be happy when other people are happy.

If we are constantly jealous of others, we will never be happy. We need to be motivated and encouraged by the success of others instead of loathing it. Most people probably do this already, but it certainly does not come naturally to me. My first instinct is to think, "UGHI wish it was me"!

So, I've decided to work really hard at this. It's definitely not easy, but I can honestly say that it’s making me happier. Other people's successes do not take away from my own, and they can be used as motivation to achieve my own lofty goals. Whether this is in sport, or in school, or just in everyday life, I've realized that jealousy doesn't serve anyone well.

Take joy in other people’s accomplishments. Use them to inspire you. It’s simple, but maybe the best advice I’ve ever had.

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