How To Become A Butterfly
  The Elevate Me Team 09:10 AM

Here is some wonderful advice from one of our Ambassadors, world class weightlifter Shellen Thomas.

A few weeks ago, another weightlifting athlete and I were having tea and discussing an epiphany I had about training and life.  I was asking if a caterpillar felt anything when it changed into a butterfly.  Why?  Humans are aware.  All. The. Time. 

Change is hard.  And going through the change can sometimes be even harder. Whether it is a new job, a move to another city, or taking up a sport, it is all something that we are keenly aware of.  The process of becoming a “butterfly” can be tricky.  We as athletes are focused on results.  When will the new personal best come?  When can I lower my time?  This process can be arduous, lengthy and downright annoying sometimes.  We forget to take the time to see all the little changes, the small strides that get us to the metamorphosis.  We miss the little personal bests. 

So what can you do to cope with the change?  Here are some suggestions:

  1. Have a training journal - My journal not only tracks the programs my coach gave me but it also has descriptions of how I felt during the lifts.  That way if I’m having a bad training day, I have something I can look back on.  Also, I list my personal bests in there for exactly the same reason.  Because you need to look back and see how far you have come. 
  2. Give yourself a break – One of the many comments I hear from athletes that are just starting to train in Olympic Weightlifting is “this is so hard!!!”  This can be heard in many different sports all over the world.  The once piece of advice I give them is from a line in a movie: “Be polite to yourself when you are learning new things”.  Even I forget sometimes when I learn new movements or alter my technique. 
  3. Smile! – This one seems a little out in left field, but when things are hard sometimes just smiling can make it seem a little better. 
  4. Talk to someone – If you have a training partner, a friend, a loved one or maybe a professional have a chat when the change gets hard.  Sometimes just having someone listen can help. 

The journey to being a butterfly is so very worth it.   You’ll see. 



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