The journey is the reward
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Rachel McIntosh, one of our Ambassadors, has written the following blog. Her insight is refreshing. You can follow her journey to the Olympics on her website, Facebook rachaeldawnmcintosh or Twitter @air_canada1.

I’ve had an aha moment this year. I’ve realized the beauty and importance in trusting that the journey is the reward.

There is no medal, destination, diploma or amount of money that is more valuable than the path you take to get it. Life is not a journey we travel just to arrive at the end and cross the finish line, so why do we treat many of our situations throughout life as if the final goal is the prize?

No matter what you are working towards in life, the steps and advances you make everyday are the moments you need to recognize and appreciate. I am an athlete, training towards the daunting goal of one day being an Olympian. Although I have not reached my goal yet, I have invested five years towards it. What are those five years now? Are they just part of the past OR could they be part of my reward that I didn’t know I could collect already? – The ladder is exactly what they are.

I am realizing how much of my reward I’ve already been given as I chase down my goal of representing our country at the Olympics. Appreciate every opportunity you’ve been given, every experience you’ve had, every friendship and relationship you have, and every day you are alive.

The day that fate of being an Olympian is decided for me, I will already have 95% of my reward.

Don’t arrive on graduation day, on the podium or at the championship game with only 10% of your reward expecting the rest to be there waiting for you. It isn’t all collected in one moment; it’s collected along the way.

Rachael McIntosh

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