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Pro Snack
New Single Serve Protein Oatmeal
Combining the most important meal of the day with a protein boost. Start your morning off right.
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Pro Snack
Gluten Free, Protein Rich, Energy Bars
Elevate Me bars use wholesome ingredients to provide maximum nutrition and performance.
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Pro Snack
The elevation project

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Pro SnackFuel for a Healthy Lifestyle.

Elevate Me® is our all natural protein bar, made fresh daily by our family company in a kitchen, not a lab! Our original family recipe, each 66g triple pack will ELEVATE you with simple natural ingredients: 24% protein and whole fruits. No fillers. Nothing artificial. Ever.


Key Facts:

  • gluten-free, wheat-free
  • 24% protein (whey isolate)
  • 3 pieces per 66 “bar”
  • cold-formed, not baked
  • low-fat, high fiber
  • no added sweeteners, preservatives or flavors
  • 8 deliciously unique flavors