Ageism in Sports

Image courtesy of stockimages / Here are some encouraging words of wisdom from the young-at-heart Shellen Thomas, one of Canada's top female weightlifters of any age, and one of our Ambassadors. "You are as young as your self-confidence, as old as your fears; as young as your hope, as old as your despair." - Samuel Ullman Recently, it seems I've been bombarded by other athletes in the gym saying this statement to me: "I'm getting too old for this". The problem is that most of the people saying this are under 30. Annoying? Very. There was a time when it was perceived...

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That's Sport

One of our Ambassadors from last year, Rachael McIntosh, just finished her university track career with another medal in the pentathlon. That’s three medals in three years. Very impressive. She wrote this blog just after completing her last track meet as a Calgary Dinosaur. Her journey is one of the reasons that sports are so helpful in building character. Rachael’s university career may not have ended as she had hoped, but after reading what she took away from it, she won. Big time. Posted on March 7, 2014 In sport, sometimes you’re lucky enough to win, and sometimes you’re lucky...

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We went to Anaheim....but didn't see Mickey Mouse

We just got back from attending the Natural Products Expo West trade show in Anaheim. Along with 67,000 other attendees, we spent three days visiting over 2,000 booths to find out what is new and exciting in the natural foods world. Lots to see and lots of products to sample - it was a "grazer's" paradise. Good thing too, as we must have walked 25 kilometers a day - the trade show was comprised of five huge halls, each about the size of a football field! The energy drinks and energy bars being sampled kept us energized and motoring around...

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Mairzy Doats

“Mares eat oats, and does eat oats, and little lambs eat ivy; a kid’ll eat ivy too, wouldn’t you?” Image courtesy of joephotostudio / Anybody remember singing along to this nursery rhyme? Well, it turns out the mares and the does were pretty smart…eating oats is really good for you. Here are eight reasons why: It’s good for cholesterol and for the heart Oatmeal and oat bran are significant sources of dietary fibre. Dietary fibre contains a mixture of half soluble and half insoluble fibres. One component of the soluble fibre found in oats is beta-glucans, a soluble fibre which...

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How To Become A Butterfly

Here is some wonderful advice from one of our Ambassadors, world class weightlifter Shellen Thomas. A few weeks ago, another weightlifting athlete and I were having tea and discussing an epiphany I had about training and life.  I was asking if a caterpillar felt anything when it changed into a butterfly.  Why?  Humans are aware.  All. The. Time.  Change is hard.  And going through the change can sometimes be even harder. Whether it is a new job, a move to another city, or taking up a sport, it is all something that we are keenly aware of.  The process of...

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No Rest, No Gain

We at Elevate Me are very happy we can partner and support athletes. What’s great about the partnership is that we get just as much, if not more, out of the relationship as they do. Below is some sage advice from one of our Ambassadors. Stay tuned for more from these inspiring young people. Three Tips to Staying Injury Free in Endurance Sports (from someone who has been there) Sports and physical activity are wonderful components of a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, there are times when our competitive nature, our drive to succeed, or perhaps our denial of how long it...

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The journey is the reward

Rachel McIntosh, one of our Ambassadors, has written the following blog. Her insight is refreshing. You can follow her journey to the Olympics on her website, Facebook rachaeldawnmcintosh or Twitter @air_canada1. I’ve had an aha moment this year. I’ve realized the beauty and importance in trusting that the journey is the reward. There is no medal, destination, diploma or amount of money that is more valuable than the path you take to get it. Life is not a journey we travel just to arrive at the end and cross the finish line, so why do we treat many of...

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Simple is Good

Following the theme of our last post, we wanted to blog about keeping life simple. Keeping it simple is one of the foundations of our philosophy at Elevate Me. Our bars and products are made with simple ingredients. You know exactly what you are getting when you buy our products. We like to keep our life simple as well because we like the uncomplicated life. It’s more enjoyable. Here are some idle thoughts on how to do it: Be productive, not busy. Just because you look busy, doesn’t mean you are getting things done. Get the right things done. Only...

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How to Have a Great Day…. Even though it’s Christmas time

Christmas is coming. For those who celebrate Christmas it can often be like what Charles Dickens wrote in the first line of A Tale of Two Cities:  “It is the best of times, it is the worst of times….”. Christmas can be stressful - really stressful - especially for Moms (okay, and for many Dads too). It’s great when families can get together to celebrate, but the days leading up to Christmas can be crazy.  Finding gifts, wrapping presents, decorating the house, planning the Christmas dinner – can all take its toll. You can insert any holiday season here: Hanukkah,...

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Pumpkins, Natures Multi-Vitamin

Halloween is the one day of the year when it’s acceptable to eat unhealthy stuff. Okay, Valentine’s day as well. And Easter. Oh, and Christmas and your birthday. I’m sure there are other days where you can justify it as well. Image courtesy of Apolonia at But the great thing about Halloween is that there is an antidote for all the junk food. And it’s sitting right outside your front door. It’s the pumpkin. Instead of throwing out the pumpkin, consider drying out the seeds or making something with it. Because that jack o’ lantern has some great things...

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